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Problem packaging file to smooth


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Joined: January 31, 2013


I have a set of mp4 files from a live encoder that I am trying to convert to smooth streaming. The file has keyframes every 2 seconds, except for a cut ad break in the middle (at around 446 seconds in). But when converting it to smooth mp4split cuts the presentation at odd places. Even when using only one of the files I see the same behavior. I have attatched an example file, and my commands below.

Example commands:
--timescale=10000000 -o L2V666777888(3814892_ISM8)_1.ismv c:\temp\hls\done\test\L2V666777888(3814892_T3MP48).mp4 --track_type=video
--timescale=10000000 -o L2V666777888(3814892_ISM8).isma c:\temp\hls\done\test\L2V666777888(3814892_T3MP48).mp4 --track_type=audio
--timescale=10000000 -o L2V666777888(3814892_ISM8).ism L2V666777888(3814892_ISM8).isma L2V666777888(3814892_ISM8)_1.ismv
--timescale=10000000 -o L2V666777888(3814892_ISM8).ismc L2V666777888(3814892_ISM8).ism

Example from the output manifest on the video track (Had to remove tag symbold, showed up empty):

c t="0" d="5200000" /
c d="14800000" /
c d="4000000" /
c d="14000000" /
c d="2000000" /
c d="11200000" /
c d="8800000" /
c d="8000000" /
c d="12000000" /
c d="20000000" /
c d="400000" /
c d="16000000" /
c d="3600000" /
c d="12800000" /
c d="7200000" /

Can you see what the issue is?
Tested with both 1.5.7 and 1.7.25

Edit: Because I had problems attatching the MP4, please download it from FTP:
user/pass: usp/usp

Posted on February 28, 2017 at 6:38 PM


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Re: Problem packaging file to smooth

Hi TV4, are you playing this back through our origin or with IIS media services?

What do you mean by "cuts the presentation at odd places" exactly?

Kind regards,


Posted on March 06, 2017 at 2:16 PM


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Re: Problem packaging file to smooth

This is not played back. It is run through mp4split to smooth. I expect "cuts" (fragment boudaries) at every 50 frames, but as you can see from the snippet of the manifest, it will place fragment boudaries seemingly at random.

Posted on March 14, 2017 at 3:05 PM