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DRM and Evaluation License : X-USP-Error


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Joined: February 22, 2017

Hello everyone !

I'm a complete beginner to USP and I'm trying to get DRM working with a new USP evaluation license key but unfortunately I might have a permission issue.

I'm using the widevine DRM script in your documentation as a test:

mp4split --license-key=/var/www/usp/license.key--widevine.key=0294b9599d755de2bbf0fdca3fa5eab7:3bda2f40344c7def614227b9c0f03e26 --widevine.license_server_url=http://license.uat.widevine.com/cenc/getcontentkey/widevine_test --widevine.drm_specific_data=EhAClLlZnXVd4rvw/co/peq3EhDrZ2q7yzRelrvPYWYw8aPaEhBjnagM8jtV87jKs/ZM+l32Gg13aWRldmluZV90ZXN0IhBma2ozbGphU2RmYWxrcjNqSOPclZsG -o bigbuck-widevine.ism big_buck_bunny_1080p_stereo.mp4

I'm getting this:

found 1 files
Status: 403 FMP4_403
X-USP-Error: drm: no policy for Widevine encryption

Is it because of evalution license which does not have proper permission to do DRM ?

Thanks in advance

Posted on March 30, 2017 at 3:21 PM