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404 FMP4_404 While creating publish point


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Hi Team,

While creating publishing point we are facing some error, please look into the below comments as well as we have modified
our conf file in the following location /etc/httpd/sites-enabled. please help to fix this issue.

server setup: apache2 (CentOS7)

LocationMatch "\.ism"
UspHandleIsm on

LocationMatch "\.isml"
UspHandleApi on

[root@ustream001 ~]# mp4split --license-key=[LicenseKey] -ohttp://localhost/animalhd/animalhd.isml... --archive_segment_length=60 --dvr_window_length=30 --archiving=0
mp4split version=1.7.18 (7923) Copyright 2007-2016 CodeShop B.V.

found 0 files

writing 1 buckets for a total of 578 bytes

404 Not Found

Not Found
The requested URL /animalhd/animalhd.isml was not found on this server.

Status: 404 FMP4_404
[root@ustream001 ~]#

Tags: Live
Posted on April 19, 2016 at 5:37 PM